QUADRA – Illustration market-exhibition

June, 14th/15th, Milan, via Savona 97, Italy

Quadra is a project by: “Nurant Magazine” and “Terracava”, indipendent editors, “b**k” and “Solo Vinili e Libri”, bookstores, and guested by Officina Zooilab.

Four independent realities bound to books and illustration, teamed up with an idea: inviting sixteen illustrators, young and professionals, aiming to create an exhibition of their works: a group exhibition in which to admire all the different souls of illustration, but also a marketplace where you can buy works different in style and technique, all combined by workshops, illustration performances and music.

The illustrators involved are: Veronica Azzinari, Andrea Bruno, Ricky Butler, Massimo Caccia, Johnny Cobalto, David Cristobal, Elyron, Maura Esposito e Silvia Testa di Teatrobalocco, Marta Iorio, Roberta Maddalena, Simone Massoni, Virginia Mori, Giordano Poloni, Anna Resmini, Alessandro Ripane, Fortuna Todisco.
During Milan Furniture Fair 2014, Zooilab launched “Fuori Mercato” a project to support and promote DIY ideas.
According with that philosophy QUADRA and Fuori Mercato join together combining new technologies and artisan knowledge.

QUADRA will take place next June 14th from 2 P.M. to 11 P.M. and sunday 15th from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Performances, workshops and musics are planned.